Wiser Women Retreats

An empowering & transformational retreat for women 55+

Retired or facing retirement?

Are you 55+?

Have you had a change in your health?

Are you experiencing end of life issues?

Are you grieving or experiencing a major loss?

Have you had a change in your living situation or family relationships?

You’ve come to the right place. 

At this retreat, we will help you set a personal intention, develop a legacy plan, and provide tools to move forward.

Become a wiser women

Our mission

Wiser Women Retreats are creating a community of women who are shattering the stereotypes of women of a certain age, celebrating life, and facing challenges they never expected. Plan on working on a specific intention, or just recharge. It’s up to you.

Stay tuned for information about upcoming retreats.

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Learn about our mission to become wiser women, and help others become wiser women.

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