About Us

We are wise women…

Aiming to become wiser.

Meet the retreat leaders, Dana Garberg and Dawn Spiak.

Dana and Dawn met at a retreat called The Gift of Years.

Dawn’s goal was to find her passion and Dana’s wish was to find connection.

Powered by our own goals, we have created a retreat guiding women to discover your direction, understand your intentions and plan your path. Turning dreams into reality.
– Dana & Dawn

Dana Garberg is a retired psychotherapist from Duluth, Minnesota. Before that, Dana previously owned and operated a strawberry farm. Her first career as a young woman was working for the telephone company in the era it was still called Northwestern Bell. Dana has two adult children and is lucky enough to have one dear granddaughter. Dana’s goal is not only to become a wiser woman, but also to help other women her age live their life to the fullest.

Dawn Spiak is a retired educator from Phoenix, Arizona where she worked with high school students and teachers. Prior to her years in education, she worked at a fortune 500 company and owned and operated an apiary in Michigan. After moving to Arizona she married and is the mom to one amazing daughter. Dawn retired early to travel and volunteers to bring lifelong learning in her local community. Dawn’s goal is to become a wiser woman.